The smart approach to outwitting body issues and achieving sustainable health. Come off the dieting hamster wheel and take a psychologically savvy approach to body image, nutrition, weight loss and wellness * Have you started numerous diet and exercise programs, only to disc... read more

Head First, Health Fast
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Companion to the No. 1 bestselling 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet 150 simple, delicious meals to help you lose weight fast and keep your blood sugar levels in check Includes 8 weeks of calorie-counted meal plans Dr Michael Mosley's No. 1 bestselling 8-Week Blood ... read more

8-Week Blood Sugar Diet Recipe Book

The author of Gutbliss and one of today's preeminent gastroenterologists distills the latest research on the microbiome into a practical program for boosting overall health. Michael Pollan's widely discussed New Yor... read more

The Microbiome Solution: a Radical New Way to Heal Your Body from the Inside Out



28 By Sam Wood combines quick, simple, delicious meals with a daily 28 minute exercise program. In just a year of the program, personal trainer and The Bachelor favourite Sam Wood and his team have transfor... read more

28 by Sam Wood
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In this fully revised and updated edition of the 2013 bestseller Toxic Oil, David Gillespie reviews the latest research from this rapidly evolving field linking seed oils to a host of diseases, including cancer.Over the past century, manufactured seed oils have systematically... read more

The Good Fat Guide: How to add healthy fat to your diet

With news outlets predicting that gut health is going to be a trend for another year coming (searches on Pinterest alone are up by 251%), it has become clear that just as we brush our teeth and hop in the shower, looking after our gut needs to be a part of ou... read more

Supercharge Your Gut: Supercharged Food



Awards:Shortlisted for British Book Industry Awards Non-Fiction Book of the Year 2016.

The key to living a happier, healthier life is inside us.
Our gut is almost as important to us as our brain or our heart, yet we know very little about how it works. In Gut, Giulia Enders shows that rather than the utilitarian and ... read more

Gut: the Inside Story of Our Body's Most Under-Rated Organ

Helps you to lose weight and keep it off for good. This book presents plenty of recipes to choose from. It is suitable for a diet procrastinator, a fifth former trying to get out of gym class or for those who need a bit of motivation from the best nutritionist in the business.

Gillian McKeith's Boot Camp Diet: Fourteen Days to a New You!
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The result of 10 years research, this book will show you how your home can affect your family's health and, most importantly, what you can do about it. By the founder of the Australian College of Environmental Studies.

Healthy Home Healthy Family: Is Where You Live Affecting Your Health?

Dr. Robynne Chutkan has helped thousands of women get back into their skinny jeans, and she can do the same for you. Understanding what's behind your suffering is the key to deflating for good. The Bloat Cure helps you identify the r... read more

The Bloat Cure: 101 Natural Solutions for Real and Lasting Relief

"I read this book... it worked. My autoimmune disease is gone and I'm 37 pounds lighter in my pleather." --Kelly Clarkson
Most of us have heard of gluten--a protein found in wheat that causes widespre... read more

The Plant Paradox : The Hidden Dangers in "Healthy" Foods That Cause Disease and Weight Gain

At last, a comprehensive cookbook for the hottest eating plan around 500 Ketogenic Recipes is the ultimate starter guide to getting healthy, building muscle, and m... read more

500 Ketogenic Recipes : Hundreds of Easy and Delicious Recipes for Losing Weight, Improving Your Health and Staying in the Ketogenic Zone