Abracadabra! Hocus-pocus! Allakazam! Happis crappis! Say it together now - magic! Take a peek inside the magician's secret wardrobe to discover the tricks of the trade, the tales of derring-do, and the people who made the magic happen. Demystifying the mystical is the popular, raucous, ready-to-trick-... read more

Pocket Guide to Magic



Series:A Mysterious Case

It's a mysterious case indeed. Don't be fooled by the compact size of this chunky little box. Inside is everything a burgeoning magician needs to astound and amaze. A deck of cards, a set of three cups, four foam balls, cotton rope, a magician's silk s... read more

Magic and Trickery (A Mysterious Case of...)



Reading Level:Children's - Grade 3-4, Age 8-9

From chocolate-covered chickens to grizzly grouchy grandmas and the disgusting Twists, this fantabulous book of fantastically funny jokes will keep you and your friends chuckling for hours. And it's all for a very good cause - royalties from the sale of this... read more

Roald Dahl's Marvellous Joke Book




COSENTINO, THE GRAND ILLUSIONIST is stuck in the centre of Coppertown until the opening of his new magic theatre. He is frozen inside a block of ice . . . or is he? The real Cos is on a mission to stop the supply of silver to the King. Sil... read more

The Silver Thief (The Mysterious World of Cosentino #4)

A pun-derful collection of jokes and wordplay for kids This hilarious collection of puns will delight kids of all ages. Featuring all-new jokes and accompanied by clever illustrations,The Jokiest Joking Puns Book Ever Written will keep kids ... read more

The Jokiest Joking Puns Book Ever Written ... No Joke!

Hilarious, fascinating and entertaining collections that are perfectly pocket-sized for hours of take-anywhere fun! Each Pocket Pal title is jam-packed with 224 page of easy-to-read text, with comical full-colour illustrations throughout.

School Yard Jokes (Pocket Pals)



Why do bulldogs have such flat noses? Because they keep chasing parked cars. What is a twip? A twip is what a wabbit takes when it wides on twains. What must you be careful not to do when it's raining cats and dogs? Step in a poodle. A laugh-out-loud collection of jokes, riddles, rhymes and sayings fr... read more

LOLs: Best Jokes for Kids

9 authors 9 storiesto make you laugh your head off 4EVER - if not longer.
A runaway pram + an artsy alien + a cereal monster +a word-stealing curse + one dancing dad + three feral fairies + an evil genuis + a hairy birthday + a super-duper pig = one hilarious book.

Laugh Your Head Off 4 Ever




An all-new series from New York Times bestselling author, Jim Benton From New York Times bestselling author Jim Benton, meet Catwad He's blue, he's a bit of a grouch, and his best friend is a dim-witted cat named Blurmp who can see the bright side of anything. From pizza and... read more

It's Me (Catwad #1)

Get ready to laugh out loud with Lots of Tongue Twisters for Kids, a collection of hilarious, kid-friendly fun. Over 250 tongue twisters will send kids and grown-ups alike into a fit of giggles! How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? If two witches watch two watches, which witch would watch which watch?

Lots of Tongue Twisters for Kids

This is the ultimate joke book for Kool Kids. Andy Jones has collected hundreds of the hottest jokes, rhymes and riddles as he travelled around the country with his children's Show 'Andy Jones & The Funky Monkey'. Now all five of the best-selling Hot Jokes books are available in one side-splitting edition!

The Enormous Book of Hot Jokes for Kool Kids

The world's greatest and most celebrated magicians, conjurors and illusionists can make us believe the unbelievable, the impossible possible. But, of course, just like everybody else these conjurors had to start at a beginning. They too had... read more

Hey Presto! Amazing Magic Tricks to Confound & Astound
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